Jennifer Hilder & Sarah Graham


Jennifer Hilder & Sarah Graham

Small Change(s): The Impact of Twitter


Small Change Big Games is a Hunterian Associates project that was run by Jennifer Hilder and Sarah Graham in the lead up to and during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Inspired by the commemorative 50p coin produced by the Royal Mint to celebrate the games, Small Change aimed to generate interest in The Hunterian’s Roman coin collection through comparisons of the representation of games and festivals on ancient and modern coins.

The project was mainly conducted online with a Twitter account gaining over 200 followers and an online exhibition with short videos that received over 150 views in six weeks. We had the support of the Royal Mint from an early stage and wrote two blog posts for them as well as doing an interview with the Director of the Royal Mint Museum.

Reflecting on the successes of this project there is also much that could be improved, for example we held three events for which it was hard to attract attention. Since concluding the major part of the project we have thought further about how particular audiences could be better targeted in the future. In this paper we will consider the pros and cons of social media for public engagement, particularly for a short-term project, and which ‘public’ is likely to be encountered there.

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